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Floboy S

FloBoy S is a proud product of Flowtronex, a company that offers wide range of pump stations for varied applications. It offers pump controls and package pumping systems for various landscapes, gold, municipal potable and wastewater, reverse osmosis and membrane filtration and retrofit businesses. Learn More...

Floboy M

The Floboy Pumping Systems are preassembled, self-sufficient, and factory tested pumping systems. Floboy makes use of the most modern and ultra-modern technology, but utilizes straight forward and simple designs to provide easy and simple installation, operation and maintenance, even for an operator will little experience with the system. Learn More...

Silent Storm Express

The Silent Storm Express is the newest pump station. The Silent Storm Express allows you to add variable speed to older pump stations. It can be an upgrade for existing variable frequency drive systems. It will allow you to have complete control of the water with the retrofit pump station control panel. Learn More...

Silent Storm Horizontal Pump Station

Flowtronex welcomes and utilizes the modern technologies to guarantee the finest control and communication at the same time providing the most beneficial solution to meet every need of their clients. From strong control software to the educational website, the company’s digital tools are created and designed to provide easy operation and ownership of the pump station easier. Learn More...

Silent Storm Verticle Pump Stations

The Silent Storm by Flowtronex signifies the stature of flexible speed in the system of water pumping technology. Silent Storm is intended for easy fix and start while incorporating accuracy in computer control by means of the effectiveness of VFD providing the owner the maximum operation of a totally-programmable pump station. Learn More...

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